Set employee default department and position to sync with LightSpeed

Updated Aug 28, 2020

In order to synchronize the employee's times, there needs to be a default department and position assigned to each employee in TimeForge. This is done after the employee is added in the LightSpeed system.

Here is how to add a default department and position for an employee.

Go to the "Employees" page

Go to the "Employees" page
  • Log in
  • Hover over the "Set Up" tab
  • Click "Employees"

Note: Make sure you are at the location that has LightSpeed turned on.

Edit employee information

Click the "Edit" button on the employee for which you would like to add a default department and position.

Scroll down to the department and position section

Add default department and position

1. Select the default department for the employee. (The Department will need to be checked for it to appear in the default dropdown list.)

2. Select the Position for the employee. (For business that use departments, an employee will need to have a department assigned before a position can be added).

3. Click Save when you're finished.

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