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Complete the tasks on your checklist

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Once your Checklist has been created, you can check off the items there, either from your browser or using a tablet or mobile device. This is sometimes referred to as "going on a store walk," but TimeForge's task management solution actually supports all kinds of to-do lists. Walking the store is just one of the many things you can do with our built-in checklists.

In this guide, you'll learn how to complete the tasks on your checklist.

Once you're logged in, open the Daily Log tab and click on Store Walk in the menu.

Store Walk | TimeForge - Google Chrome

If your account has multiple locations, make sure you have a location selected and that you're not at the Corporate level.

Select a task from those available

Tasks will be listed in a table that includes the checklist they belong to, which group, the task name, status, due date, score, notes, and finally any additional actions that may be taken. To select a task, simply click on a row:

Store Walk | TimeForge - Google Chrome

Note the colored bar on the left side of each row.

  • When an item is Red, it is not started or is still incomplete.
  • When an item is Green, it is all complete.
  • When an item is Yellow-Orange, it is still waiting for Follow Up.

When you select a task, a pop-up will appear with various options. The options will depend on how the task was configured (for example, if it was set to allow ratings or follow-ups).

Rate a task

If ratings are turned on for the task, you'll see 5 stars at the top. Click a star to set the rating on the task:

Store Walk | TimeForge - Google Chrome

Add notes and other details

Under the score/rating area, you can select an employee to associate with the task, adjust the due date, and add any notes.

If the task allows for follow-ups, you can choose someone to be responsible for the follow-up and indicate when it should occur.

Store Walk | TimeForge - Google Chrome

Add attachments (if any) and mark as complete if complete

Near the bottom of the task, there's an option to upload files, such as images, documents, etc. Under that is a checkbox to mark the task as complete, if it's done.

Store Walk | TimeForge - Google Chrome

Save your changes

When everything looks how you want it, don't forget to save your changes!

Store Walk | TimeForge - Google Chrome
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