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Enable follow-ups for checklist items

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TimeForge's task management solution allows you to remind managers to follow up on tasks assigned to them or other employees at a location. Each time you assign a follow up to them, a manager/supervisor sees an updated To-Do list item in the "Store Walk" widget on the dashboard. 

This guide walks you through how to configure tasks for follow-ups, assign them, respond, and close out items in your to-do list.

Enable follow-ups for existing tasks

To update existing tasks in a checklist, open up the Daily Log tab and click Checklists

If you have more than one location in your account, you'll first need to go to the corporate level before accessing the Checklist page.

Next, click on the Edit option next to the checklist that has the tasks you want to update. 

Once you find the item you want to enable follow-up assignments on, change the Follow-Up box to "Yes." Shown here below:

Turning "On" Follow-ups

Assign a follow-up to a specific employee

Now that you have some tasks flagged for follow-up, you'll want to assign those follow-ups to someone. To do this:

  1. Select/go to the location for which you want to appoint a manager a follow up assignment. Make sure you're on the Today page (the new dashboard).
  2. For the "Store Walk" widget, click on the Edit button next to the tasks you want to update:
  1. Once the pop-up appears, fill in any information needed such as star rating, notes, etc., but leave "Complete" unchecked.
  2. Select a supervisor/manager from the list for Follow-up.
  3. Pick a date you would like for the follow-up to take place by.
  4. Click the Save button once you've submitted all your updates.
  5. The tasks will then appear on the Follow-up assignee's To Do List for that selected date.

Complete the follow-up

To view any tasks assigned to you personally to follow-up on at your location, navigate to the Today page and select the Personal dashboard. Look for the "Store Walk" widget.

All follow-up tasks have a "Do This" banner next to them:

Complete the Follow-up

To complete or update a task, click the Edit button next to your assigned task. A pop-up will appear.

  1. Type in any notes or upload helpful files or images.
  2. Update the Complete option to "Yes" if you finished the task assigned.
  3. Click the Save button once you've finalized your changes.
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