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View your schedule and confirm your shifts

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Under My Schedule in the TimeForge Employee mobile app, you can view past and future shifts, as well as confirm your upcoming shifts. Here's how.

Select My Schedule from the menu

If My Schedule isn't your default page when you log into the app, simply open the menu and select it from the list.

When you first install the mobile app, it will open the My Schedule page by default when you log in. You can choose a different default page under settings.

Swipe right or left to view past/future weeks

By default, the page will open to the current work week. At the top of the screen, there's a scrolling date selector. Swipe right or left to view past or future work weeks.

Confirm a shift

When you confirm a shift on your schedule, you are committing to working that shift. Your employer may not require you to confirm shifts -- or they may ask that you confirm on the day you're scheduled to work.

Tap the shift you want to confirm

Tap the Confirm button

Why is the button grayed out?

If the button is grayed out, it means you've already confirmed this shift or your employer's TimeForge account is not set to enable shift confirmations.

Tap OK to confirm that you want to confirm

Shifts that are confirmed have green check boxes next to them:

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