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Locate the IP address of the Biometric TimeClock

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Knowing the IP address of the TimeClock is an important step when trying to diagnose or troubleshoot common issues. This guide will show you how to locate the IP address of the TimeClock.

Log into the TimeClock


Log into the TimeClock using either your fingerprint or internal number and password.

Go to Manager Options

Go to Manager Options

Click on Manager Opts. in the menu.

Go to Options

Go to Options

Now click on Options.

Go to Configuration Settings

Go to Configuration Settings

Now click on Configuration Settings.

Find the IP on the TimeClock Settings screen

TimeClock Settings

This will bring you to the TimeClock Settings screen. Look for Current IP toward the bottom: this is the IP address for the TimeClock.

To get back to the Welcome Screen, just push ESC until you see that screen.

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