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How to Use the Time Machine (Employee Guide)

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In this guide, you'll learn how to log into and use the Time Machine timeclock. The timeclock allows you to clock in and out for your shift.

Logging into the Timeclock

The Time Machine home screen lists everyone in your location at a glance.

1. The list on the left shows each employee in alphabetical order, sorted by first name. By tapping on your name in the list, TimeForge will select your profile, and you can then enter your Internal Password or place your finger on the scanner to log into your account.

2. On the right is a panel where you can input your Internal Number instead of searching through the employee list page.

A red dot means the employee isn't clocked in; a green dot means the employee is clocked in.

If you already have a fingerprint enrolled, you can just place your finger on the fingerprint reader without selecting your name first. TimeForge should recognize you and log you in immediately!

Verifying Your Access

When you select your name from the left-hand menu or enter your Internal Number, TimeForge should display your name at the top of the right panel, as in the example below:

From here, you can either enter your Internal Password or scan your fingerprint to log into the timeclock.

If you don't have a fingerprint enrolled or an Internal Password set for your account, please reach out to your manager.

When you successfully log in, you will get a welcome message from TimeForge:

Understanding the Dashboard

Important information is displayed for you on your dashboard:

  1. Status: This will display "Clocked Out"/"Clocked In"/"On break" based on what your current status is.
  2. Department/Position: These fields show your currently selected department and position. If you are a cross-trained employee, by clicking on the fields you can clock into different departments and positions.
  3. Clocked In/Out: This shows you the time that you clocked in or out for your shift.

Clocking In

To clock in for the day, simply tap the Clock In button.

Taking a Break and Clocking Out

When you're ready to take a break or clock out, you'll need to first log back into the timeclock.

Once logged in, you can take a break by tapping the Start Break button, which will bring up a selector to choose which break you're eligible for, or will automatically put you on break based on your company's break policies.

To clock out at the end of the day, simply tap the Clock Out button.

Requesting Overrides

Depending on your company's policy, you may receive a message when trying to clock in early before the start of your scheduled shift or if you try to clock out later than the end of your scheduled shift.

When this happens, simply tap on See Manager in the lower right corner, then notify your manager.

Override requests are cleared out after 15 minutes. If you do not notify a manager of your override request, you'll need to enter a new override request.

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