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How to Use the Time Machine (Manager Guide)

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As a Supervisor or Manager in TimeForge, you'll have access to a few features on the Time Machine that employees don't have access to.

Understanding the home page

The two main pieces of functionality on the home page are the Pending Overrides button (top) and the Manager button (bottom):

The Pending Overrides button lets you quickly view all employees who've requested an early clock in or late clock out that exceeds the threshold your company has configured.

The manager tab lets you enroll employees fingerprints, install clock updates, and clock out employees.

Questions on how to clock in/out or access the clock? Check out the employee guide!

Performing overrides

When you tap the Pending Overrides button on the home page, it'll load a list of employees who have requested an override.

By tapping on their name, it'll let you know if they tried to clock in too early or clock out too late:

The last selection where it reads "Set Clock-Out Time" is selectable, and you can customize the clock in/out time for that employee.

Once you've made any adjustments necessary, you can tap Submit to approve the override or Delete to remove the override request.

If the employee is requesting a clock-out override and you delete the request, the employee will stay clocked in!

In the case that the employee is requesting a clock-in override, they will not be clocked in, and will have to clock in later once eligible based on your policies or if you approve their clock in request.

Override requests are cleared out 15 minutes after the employee submits their request. After an override request is created, employees are prompted to see their manager as shown in the screenshot below.

Understanding the Manager page

Tapping the Manager button at the bottom of the screen will take you to the Manager page.

The Manager page gives you a lot of configuration options to control your timeclock.

There are several buttons on this screen, so let's walk through a brief overview of what each one does.

  1. Advanced
    • Selecting this option allows you to access the timeclock's connection settings and navigate to more advanced configuration options. For more information on the Advanced Settings screen, please read the next section.
  2. Register Fingerprints
  3. Adjust Times
    • This is where you clock out employees who forgot to clock out for the day and have already left. Note: Only users listed as "Managers" have access to this button.
  4. Version Button
    • While the above screenshot displays "V1.26" you will likely have a different number present. By tapping this button, the timeclock will look to see if a new version is available. If one is, it will offer to download and install the update.

Advanced Settings Continued

  1. TimeForge API URL/Username/Password
    • These API URL controls what website the timeclock talks to when sending data. To know which location to send employee punches to on TimeForge, the timeclock uses the username and password fields.  . TimeForge pre-populates the fields when setting up your timeclock. If the timeclock changes locations, please contact TimeForge's Support team to help you update the API credentials.
  2. Test Connection
    • Tapping this button will make the time clock perform a test to see if it's got a connection to the internet and to the TimeForge web app.
  3. Clear Data
    • This button allows you to completely wipe the device, removing any employee and attendance data. Only do this at the direction of a TimeForge Technician.
  4. Exit Timeclock
    • Tapping this button will minimize the application so that you can access the device's settings. This is useful when re-configuring internet connections, allowing a TimeForge Technician access to the machine, etc.
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