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Update your Time Machine timeclock

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TimeForge releases updates to the Time Machine's software periodically. The updates improve the timeclock's functionality and add new features to your device. This guide walks you through how to update your timeclock in just a few easy steps.

Only users with manager or supervisor access can run an update on the Time Machine.

1. Access the manager page

Using your fingerprint or internal number and password, log into the timeclock. Once logged in, tap the Manager button at the bottom of the screen.

You should see a screen similar to the one above after tapping the Manager button.

2. Download the updates

In the middle of the screen, you can view the software version your timeclock currently uses. In this example, the clock is on V.73.

Tapping on the version number prompts the timeclock to search for an update. If a new version, exists, a message similar to the one below appears.

Tap the word DOWNLOAD to download the new version.

3. Install the new version

The timeclock will ask you to confirm if you want to install the update. Tap INSTALL to continue.

Once the install is complete, tap OPEN to restart the app.

Once the app finishes restarting, your staff can record their attendance and use the timeclock as normal.

If you have any issues updating your Time Machine's software, please email ([email protected]) or call (866-684-7191) the TimeForge support team.

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