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Updated Aug 26, 2020

Using the TimeForge Manager Mobile app, retailers can view real-time Sales information from anywhere with just a few simple clicks. This guide provides an overview of the sales features and functionality available using the mobile app.

Open the Sales page in the app

Log into the mobile app on your smart phone, then tap the Sales tile.

View your Sales data

When you open the Sales page, the screen will display current sales totals by department for the selected location.

You can easily switch between sorting by Department and by Amount using the buttons just below the date.

The percentages represent the proportion of sales accounted for by that row: naturally, 100% of Sales are represented in the total, for example, but only 56% percent of Sales are represented by Center Store here.

The app will always use the location's default Sales Category when displaying Sales information. If no default Sales Category is set for the location you are trying to view, the app will prompt you to set one.

Attendance and Scheduled Hours

On the right side of each entry, you'll see your total Attendance and actual labor costs. Under that will be your Scheduled labor and expected labor costs for comparison.

Manager Projections

If you use Manager Projections, you will also see your projected sales.

Ahead or behind the previous day?

Finally, each entry has a red or green bar to the left of it, which indicates whether the figures are ahead or behind the previous week in terms of sales. In the example below, the green bar indicates that the CENTER STORE department is ahead of the previous week's sales.

Select a different location or date (filter your results)

If you would like to view the sales data for a different location or different date, tap the More button in the upper right. You will be presented with a list of filters and information.

  1. Select the location
  2. Select the date
  3. Tap Apply

View your Sales by Hour

By default, entering the Sales page shows you your sales by department, but you can also see sales broken down by hour.

To view your sales by hour, tap the arrow in the upper right hand corner or simply swipe right on your screen.

The page will look almost identical, except entries will be by hour instead of department, and there will be an extra line above the list with the Total Amount of sales for the day.

If BI Lite syncs item-level Sales data for your account, you can swipe right one more time to view a Sales by Items screen, which will have your Sales figures grouped by item.

Sales Analysis Graphs

To view graphs of your sales, you'll first want to return to the home screen on the app. Just tap the Back button in the upper left.

Then, select the Analysis tile.

Sales Data

When you tap the Analysis tile, you'll be shown a graph of your Sales Data. By default, all departments will be shown, and data will be shown for the current week.

The blue bar shows forecasted sales, the yellow bar shows actual sales, and if you input any manager projections, there will be a red bar showing projected sales. A summary and key is available below the graph to make things easy.

The buttons at the bottom of the screen allow you swap between Graph and List view. List view simply shows the data in a list format similar to what we saw in the sections above.

Filter by location, department, or dates

Similar to the Sales page, you can select the Filters button in the upper right-hand corner to view and change the filters applied to the graph.

In this example, we've selected the NMG Grocery Location #42, All departments, for the week of January 1-7 2019.

If we selected BEER as the department and tapped Apply, we would see:

Labor Distribution Graph

You can view additional graphs, such as Labor Distribution, by swiping left.

The Labor Distribution graph will show you real time labor costs. Here we see actual sales (represented by a yellow line) compared to our actual (green line) and scheduled (red line) labor costs.

This graph is purely percentage based, and is comparing your schedule, attendance, and TF Labor Forecast (where applicable) to your sales trends. This is most useful when limited down to departments like Front End, where we should (usually) only have labor where our sales are.

This example uses all departments, but you can select a specific department by following the filter instructions in the previous section.

How to enter manager projections

The following instructions require you to log into the website interface and cannot be performed using the mobile app.

All manager projections must be entered using the online version of TimeForge. To get to the appropriate screen, open the Sales tab and select Manager Projections.

This screen is where you enter your projected sales. There are several ways to do this:

  1. The simplest way is to input projected sales for the entire week and select Calculate Weekly. TimeForge will distribute the total based on the previous week's sales trends.
  2. The second way is to enter a daily projected sales total into the TOTAL column for each day. TimeForge will distribute the amount by daily sales trends for that particular day.
  3. You can also enter projections by hour or in even smaller (quarter-hour) increments!

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