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Adjust the TimeClock settings

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The Settings page allows you to manage 3 basic options that control the TimeClock functionality on your device. These include: whether to authenticate users with a username/password or internal number/internal password, what the default location should be in TimeClock mode, and whether to enable or disable Manager Mode.

Tap the TIMECLOCK tile, then tap Settings

TimeClock Settings are accessible from the TIMECLOCK page in the app. From the home screen, tap TIMECLOCK.

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Then, tap Settings.

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The Settings page has 3 options that change how you log in and use the app. These are:

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  1. Authenticate with: Sets whether you log in and control the app with a username and password or with an internal number and internal password.
  2. Default Location: Sets the default location in the app. The default location is selected when you log into the app.
  3. Manager Mode: Enables or disables "Manager Mode". With Manager Mode on, only the manager's username and password are needed to perform various functions within the app.

Manager Mode vs Normal Mode

With Manager Mode disabled, you can put the app in Normal Mode and hand your mobile device to your employees, thereby allowing them to individually clock themselves in and out with their own credentials. For this reason, you can't use Normal Mode and Manager Mode at the same time -- these modes are mutually exclusive.

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