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Review open and pending shift swaps

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The TimeForge Manager mobile app can help you keep tabs on which shift swaps are still open and which ones are waiting on manager approval. All it takes is a few taps.

Shift Swaps are those that have been 'given up' and made available to be 'picked up' by other employees. When an employee picks up a shift swap, they are not responsible for that shift until the swap has been approved by management.

Shift swaps must be approved or denied on the TimeForge website, and employees can choose how to be notified about the approval of a swap.

Tap the TODAY tile

Open and Pending Shift Swaps are accessible from the Today page in the app. From the home screen, tap TODAY.

ScreenSteps - Google Chrome

Open Shift Swaps

When an employee has given up a shift, you will see a notification next to Open Shift Swaps on your Today page:

ScreenSteps - Google Chrome

Tapping Open Shift Swaps will show you a list of shifts that have been given up and are waiting to be picked up by other employees:

Manager App

If you have a long list of open shift swaps, you can use the buttons at the top to sort the list according to different criteria, such as by employee, when it was given up, position, etc.:

Manager App

Pending Shift Swaps

Pending Shift Swaps can only be approved or denied on the TimeForge website.

When another employee picks up an open shift, you will see a notification next to Pending Shift Swaps:

ScreenSteps - Google Chrome

Tapping Pending Shift Swaps will show you a list of those waiting on manager approval.

Manager App

Tapping a shift will redirect you to the TimeForge website where you can approve, deny, or edit the shift swap.

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