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Enable and use Normal Mode

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Normal Mode allows employees clock in/out individually using their own credentials. Therefore, in order to use this mode, Manager Mode must be disabled under Settings. This is because Manager Mode allows the ability to clock any employee in/out at will -- which is not necessarily something most businesses want employees to be able to do. To recap:

  • Manager Mode - Allows a manager to log in using their own credentials and then clock employees in/out at will from a list of employees.
  • Normal Mode - Employees use their own credentials to clock in/out.

Tap the TIMECLOCK tile, then tap Normal Mode

TimeClock Mode, Normal Mode, and TimeClock Settings are all accessible from the TIMECLOCK page in the app. From the home screen, tap TIMECLOCK.

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Then, tap the Normal Mode button.

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Because Normal Mode and Manager Mode are mutually exclusive settings, if you have manager functionality enabled, you will be informed that you can't use Normal Mode:

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Simply go into the TimeClock Settings first and disable Manager Mode.

While in Normal Mode

Employees will be able to sign in/out using their own credentials. This allows the device to act as a portable timeclock that does not necessarily require manager supervision or require the manager to clock each employee in/out individually.

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