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Review pending requests and availability

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The TimeForge Manager mobile app allows managers to view employees' pending availability and requests for time off.

At this time, requests must be approved or denied on the TimeForge website, but the ability to manage requests through the mobile app is a feature we hope to provide in the future.

Tap the TODAY tile, then tap Pending Requests

Pending requests are accessible from the Today page in the app. From the home screen, tap TODAY.

ScreenSteps - Google Chrome

Then, tap Pending Requests.

Manager App

Pending Requests

Requests must be approved or denied on the TimeForge website.

Pending requests will be shown, including the name of the employee, what time of request (e.g. available to work, wants to work, does not want to work, unavailable to work), and the date and times the request applies to.

Manager App

If you have a long list of requests, you can use the buttons at the top to sort the list according to different criteria:

Manager App
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