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Enable PTO payout requests

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TimeForge now allows you to turn on PTO payouts for Leave Types of your choosing. When turned on for a Leave Type, employees and managers can make requests to "cash out" all or part of their PTO balance for that Leave Type.

PTO payouts must be enabled on a per-location basis for non-hidden Leave Types in order for employees to make requests and can only be enabled for Leave Types that track accrual. If your company does not allow negative accruals in TimeForge, then the employee must have a positive accrual balance to request a PTO payout.

Allow PTO payouts for a specific type of leave

From the Corporate level, navigate to Leave Types under the Set Up tab, then select the Leave Type you'd like to enable PTO payouts for.

Under the Leave Type options, check the box that reads "This Leave Type can be used for Payouts." Click Save to save your changes.

This will enable PTO payouts for this Leave Type but only if the employee works at a location for which PTO payouts have been enabled. To enable PTO payouts for your location, proceed to the next step.

Enable PTO payouts for a location

To enable PTO payouts for a location, navigate to your Location settings and find the option that reads "Would you like to allow employees to create payout requests for eligible leave types?" Select Yes, then scroll down and click Save to save your changes.

Request a PTO payout

In order to receive a PTO payout, the employee (or their manager) must make a request under Availability and Requests and select "Payout" as the request type. They need to select the Leave Type to be paid out, as well as the number of hours.

The submitted request will appear on the availability and requests page:

A PTO payout request must be approved by an Approval Manager before the balance can be distributed via payroll. The "used" PTO amount will be reflected on the next payroll export.

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