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2024 Release Notes

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Release Version 2404 | April

Improvements and fixes:

  • Added an iterative sales forecast option to improve the accuracy of forecasts even further.
  • Historical pay rate/wage changes are now shown under Employee Information.  

Release Version 2402 | February

Improvements and fixes:

  • Added automatic forecast tuning to increase sales forecasting accuracy around holidays.
  • Improved how mileage is calculated for generic payroll exports.
  • Effective pay rates can now be set for a future date.

Release Version 2401 | January

Improvements and fixes:

  • When registering a new fingerprint, employees will now be required to agree to the use of their biometric information for clocking in and out. This ensures that employers are compliant with applicable laws. 
  • Improved sync after timeclock loses network connection.
  • Employees with termination dates from the previous year are now removed from the timeclock.
  • Fixed a rare issue where attendance entries would not be pulled to the timeclock.
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