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Show temperature check during clock-ins

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TimeForge allows managers to enable temperature checks at their location. With temperature screening enabled, when an employee attempts to clock in for their shift, they will be prompted to answer the question, "Is your body temperature over 100 F?"

If the employee answers No, they will be clocked in normally. If the employee answers Yes, they will be prevented from clocking in, and instructions will be shown on screen to wait for a manager. TimeForge will automatically send a message to the manager to let them know the employee is waiting.

This feature works on browser-based clock-ins and on our hardware time clocks. It also works alongside our COVID-19 Health Questionnaire, which prompts employees to answer a few quick questions recommended by the CDC.

Enable temperature field

At the location level, open the Attendance tab and select Attendance Options from the menu.

Locate the temperature setting and select Yes

A quick way to locate this setting is to hit CTRL+F on your keyboard to open a "Find" box, then enter 'temperature'.

Select Yes from the dropdown box.

Click Save

Don't forget to click the Save button to save your changes. If you have multiple departments, you may be prompted to choose whether to copy your settings to those departments as well.

Answer temperature check during clock in

To see the new setting in action, navigate to your Today Page or Personal dashboard and attempt to clock in.

Main Page | TimeForge - Google Chrome

You will be prompted to indicate whether your body temperature is over 100 F.

Main Page | TimeForge - Google Chrome

Clocking in on a TimeClock

After an employees selects to clock in, the TimeClock will prompt them to enter their temperature as shown below.

If their temperature falls above the threshold set in your attendance settings, the TimeClock will prevent them from completing their clock in.

After you update the "Prompt for temperature at clock-in" setting, you'll need to restart your TimeClock to have the temperature check in appear before your next scheduled sync.

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