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2023 Release Notes

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Release Version 2312 | October-December

Improvements and fixes:

  • Fixed an issue that allowed unauthorized users to see rates on the schedule page.
  • Fixed data sync for NorthStar integration.
  • Improved page loading and performance for StoreWalk checklist.
  • Improvements to how paid/unpaid break splits are handled by web services.
  • Enhancements and fixes for Time Machine integrations.
  • Updates to SAML single sign on.
  • Applicant zip codes can now include leading zeros.
  • Improved holiday calculations using per shift logic.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented removal of locations at the corporate level.

Release Version 2308 | August

Improvements and fixes to the Android timeclock:

  • Manager attendance/override functions should now sync immediately.
  • Added a clock-in feature so managers can clock in employees without a manager override. 
  • Fixed employee sorting on the login screen so that upper and lower case is sorted together. 
  • Extended manager overrides to be valid for 30 minutes instead of 15.
  • Employees working over midnight should now be able to take breaks past 12:00AM.
  • Improved the stability of the UI during fingerprint registration.
  • Terminating an employee now removes them from the timeclock. 
  • Fixed an issue with the employee selection screen on login.

Release Version 2304-07 | April-July

Improvements and fixes:

  • Added a third option to the gender field under employee profile for non-binary gender.
  • Managers can now modify punches on the website when using a Time Machine.  
  • Added a default option to restrict the import utility from creating new locations/departments/positions during an import.
  • Improved the stability of Orbeon forms.
  • Updated the Paychex CSV Export to newer format.
  • Improved the CBS NorthStar integration UI.

New features:

  • Published a new attendance report with breaks and costs. By customer request.
  • New functions to handle changes to New York's Secure Scheduling laws.
  • Embedded timeclock UI improvements for ease of use on iPad.

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