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The New TimeForge Dashboard (Today Page)

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The new TimeForge dashboard makes it easy to view at-a-glance information, such as upcoming schedules, pending availability requests, clocked-in staff, shift swaps, daily log entries, and reports -- all in one location on your Today page!

This guide will give you a brief tour of the new dashboard and its features. 

Help me enable the new dashboard!

If you don't see the link to Use new dashboard, just navigate to your profile:

My Profile | TimeForge - Google Chrome

Select Yes to use the new dashboard, then Save:

My Profile | TimeForge - Google Chrome

That's all there is to it!

Welcome to your new Today Page!

With the new dashboard enabled, your Today page will feature tabs for Personal information, a full-page Calendar with filtering options, and, if you're a manager, a special Location dashboard.

As an employee, you can:

  1. Arrange your dashboard how you want. Add, remove, resize, and arrange widgets to suit your needs.
  2. View your calendar to visualize your scheduled shifts for the month.

As a manager, you can:

  1. Arrange your dashboard how you want. Add, remove, resize, and arrange widgets to suit your needs.
  2. Easily view the information you want for your business, and quickly switch to your personal dashboard to view what is important to you, like your messages.
  • Dashboard: The place to view your data visually.
  • Widgets: A dedicated component for showing focused information, like weather.
  • Location tab: Dashboard showing widgets dedicated to the business at the current location, like today's sales.
  • Personal tab: Dashboard showing widgets dedicated to the user, like my attendance.
  • Calendar tab: Large calendar showing information dedicated to the user, like scheduled shifts.

Switch between dashboard tabs

To switch between dashboard tabs, simply click on a tab header at the top of the page! Your current tab will always be highlighted compared to the others.

Add, remove, or reset widgets

To add a new widget, click the Add Widget button in the upper right.

You'll see all the available widgets. All the ones you're already using will be grayed out with a checkmark and a Remove button. Hover over any other widget to see a button to add it to your dashboard, then click the Save button in the upper right to save your changes and return to your dashboard.

To remove a single widget, click the more menu (...) in the upper right corner of that widget, then select Remove. You can always re-add a widget if you change your mind!

You can reset your dashboard to the default configuration anytime. Simply click the more menu (...) in the upper right and select Reset Dashboard.

Rearrange widgets

To rearrange, click the top of the widget, then drag and drop.

Personal Dashboard

The following widgets are available to employees using the Personal dashboard:

  • My Requests: View a list of my availability and requests.
  • Messages: View my messages.
  • Available Shifts: View any available shifts for pickup.
  • HR Activities: View any assigned HR Activities.
  • Others Availability: View the availability of other employees.
  • Others Scheduled: View the schedules of other employees.
  • HR Documents: View any assigned HR Documents.
  • TimeClock: Clock into or out of a position/department.

Location Dashboard

The following widgets are available to managers through the Location dashboard:

  • Today's Schedule: View who is scheduled for the day.
  • Weekly Sales: View sales over a week period.
  • Birthdays: View upcoming employee birthdays.
  • Daily Log Entries: View recent Daily Log Entries.
  • Favorite Reports: View links to your Favorite Reports.
  • Labor Overview: View an overview of labor, such as scheduled hours and attendance hours.
  • Last Sync: View last connector sync times.
  • On Leave: View who is currently on leave.
  • Applicants: View a list of new applicants.
  • Clocked in Staff: View is currently clocked in.
  • Pending Requests: View requests that pending and need manager approval.
  • Pending Shifts: View shifts swaps, opens shifts, and bid shifts that are pending manager approval.
  • Unconfirmed Shifts: View scheduled shifts that have not been confirmed by employees.
  • Weekly Labor: View a chart of labor information by week, like hours scheduled and cost.
  • Weather: View weather for today and tomorrow.


The Calendar tab shows important schedule information.

Click the More (...) menu in the upper right for filtering options

Click each filter option to toggle it on (checkmark) or off (no checkmark). Options include attendance, schedule, availability and requests, HR types, and daily log entries!

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