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The Today Page displays important information about your TimeForge account, including pending, approved, and denied requests. The Today page also includes the ability to clock in / clock out (if enabled by management), information about upcoming schedules, availability, and possible shift swaps.

This guide will walk you through the features of your Today Page, from top to bottom. To get to the today page, simply click the Today tab in the left side navigation menu.

Top of the Today Page (Messages and Clock-in)

1.  If you have unread messages waiting for you, you can click this link to be taken directly to your Messages inbox. Messages can include information from TimeForge about planned maintenance, as well as messages from your Manager or coworkers regarding your availability requests, bid shifts, and upcoming schedules.

2.  These quick links will take you to other areas of TimeForge that may be relevant to you, such as your schedule or availability. Additional links are available to you on the left side of the screen as part of the navigation menu.

3.  Depending on your company's policies, if you are allowed to clock in from the computer you are using, an appropriate clock-in message may be displayed here. You should always check with management to be sure you are clocking in from an approved device.

If you are a Manager, you may also see weather information at the top of your Today Page.

Middle of the Today Page (Calendar)

While Managers see an overview of staffing on the today page, Employees see a convenient calendar with their schedule, availability requests, and any important alerts.

In this example, we see the employee is scheduled to work Monday through Friday 9AM-5PM as Customer Support in the Customer Service department at the Manhattan Main Office location. The employee in this case has the option to confirm each shift or give it up -- allowing other employees to pick up the shift in their stead. Additionally, the employee has a pending time off request for the following Monday.

Whether employees must confirm their shifts or whether they can give up/pick up shifts is constrained by the company's settings.

Bottom of the Today Page (Requests and HR Activities)

Below the calendar, you will see sections for Pending, Approved, and Denied availability and time off requests, and below that, any outstanding HR activities and onboarding documents.

  1. Pending Employee Requests are schedule requests or changes to availability that have not yet been reviewed by your management team. These are displayed for your reference. Approved Employee Requests are schedule requests or changes to availability that have been allowed by your management team, while Denied Employee Requests are those that have been rejected by your management team.
  2. HR Activities contains any tasks that need to be performed for HR, such as acknowledging receipt of documents, signing forms, or completing a certification course and submitting the paperwork. These may be listed with a status and due date.
  3. Onboarding contains the Human Resources documents relevant to your job. These are displayed for your reference.
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