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Pick up a bid shift or shift swap

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You can Pick Up shifts that have been assigned to other employees (shift swap) or that have been made available as bid shifts or transfer bid shifts by a manager. This is done on the Available Shift Swaps page in TimeForge or directly from the Today Page for any date that has a PICK UP SHIFTS option.

You are not responsible for any picked up shift until the shift is approved by your management team, and your manager or TimeForge notifies you of the successful shift assignment. You will see approved shifts on your Upcoming Schedules page.

From the Available Shift Swaps page

Navigate to the Available Shift Swaps page

Open the Schedules tab in the left side navigation menu, then select Available Shift Swaps from the list.

Find a shift to pick up

TimeForge provides two ways to look for shifts to pick up, if you would like to work extra hours:

  1. Find Shifts. You can search for shifts on a certain date between the times that you specify. If a shift is found, you may request to pick it up. This option may be useful if there are a lot of available shifts to choose from and you need to narrow down the list.
  2. Pick Up an Available Shift. Qualifying shifts that have already been given up by other staff members are listed beneath the Find Shifts section. These shifts display the date, length of the shift, position, and the employee that is currently assigned to work the shift. If the shift swap is approved, you will be replacing the Assigned Employee.

If your management uses Transfer Bid Shifts, be sure to note the location of any shifts you pick up. Transfer Bid Shifts are bid shifts shared across store locations.

Pick Up a Found Shift

After searching for shifts using the Shift Swaps page, any found shifts are displayed directly beneath the Find Shifts screen. This shift is currently assigned to another staff member, as shown:

When you click on Request to Pick Up this shift, TimeForge will attempt to reassign the shift to you. This may require manager approval depending on your location's settings in TimeForge.

Once the shift swap is approved, TimeForge will assign the shift to your account and will notify you (according to your Alert preferences in your profile) that the shift is now your responsibility.

Pick Up an Available Shift

Alternatively, instead of searching for a shift to pick up, you can simply click the Pick Up link next to an available shift. If the shift is a bid shift or transfer bid shift, this will be listed under the 'Assigned Employee' column in place of a name.

Again, if approval is required, TimeForge will notify your manager of your request. If the shift swap is approved, you will be notified according to your alert preferences, and TimeForge will assign the shift to your account.

If a shift swap is denied, you will not be notified -- this reduces the amount of email that you might get from TimeForge.

From the Today Page

Shifts you are eligible to pick up will also display on your Today Page calendar. Simply click the PICK UP SHIFTS link on the date you'd like to work. This will take you to the Available Shift Swaps page (described above), where you'll see a list of available shifts.

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