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Clock in or out from the Today page

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TimeForge Attendance is a powerful online time clock system that keeps track of when you clock in/out and when you take breaks. This makes it easier for management to review and approve your payroll hours. In addition to basic time punch information, TimeForge can also track your declared tips and mileage (e.g. if you're a delivery driver). You can also enter notes about each shift, which can then be reviewed by your manager at a later date.

You can use the clock in/out feature on the Today page to start or end your shift or to take breaks. Clocking in/out can also be done from the Employee mobile app if your employer allows it.

Log into TimeForge or, if you're already logged in, click the Today button to visit the Today page

Clock-ins and clock-outs are done on the Today page, which is typically the first page you see when you log into TimeForge.

If you are a manager, the TimeClock widget will appear in the  in the Personal tab of the Today page.

Clock in

If you are on a computer which allows employees to clock in with TimeForge Attendance, you will see a Clock - In button. Click the button to clock yourself in for the selected Department and/or Position.

Employees who have more than one role or position within the company may dropdown menus allowing them to choose different departments and positions.

Depending on the clock in/out rules set up by your employer or manager, you may also notice that:

  • Clocking in or out may require manager approval if you are too early or too late.
  • Your clock in or out time may be rounded.
  • You may only be able to clock in or out from specific computers or networks.

If you are not allowed to clock in from the computer you are currently using, you will see a message explaining that you cannot clock in from that computer. Ask your manager for the location of a valid clock-in computer.

Clock out

When you are ready to clock out of TimeForge Attendance, you should first enter any declared tips, mileage, or notes which are relevant to the shift, then click the Clock - Out button.

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