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Edit or delete an availability or time off request

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Editing and deleting requests and changing availability is easy with TimeForge! Prior to manager approval, Pending Requests can be edited or deleted. After a request is approved by management, you cannot edit the request, but you may delete it.

Click the Requests tab to go to your requests page

Requests that are not yet Approved can be Edited

Requests that are pending manager approval can be seen on your Request Calendar with a small caution icon next to them. These requests may also be edited or deleted.

Once a request is approved or denied by management personnel, you will not be able to edit the request.

Delete or Edit a Pending Request

Click the Edit link to bring up the request form.

If you have made a mistake in the request, you can edit or delete the request from this screen, prior to manager approval.

Pending Requests

After a request or change to availability has been made, you can see the request and status on your Today page.

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