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Rate your shifts

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When enabled, shift ratings are a quick and easy way for your managers to get an idea of how good the schedule was so that they can make the best schedules possible in the future. Shift ratings also help the TimeForge AutoScheduler better understand which schedules work best for employees, so that TimeForge can build them even better schedules.

The goal of every schedule is to make everyone happy – happy managers, happy employees, and happy customers. Be sure to rate all of your shifts so your managers know how you feel.

View your schedule

You can rate your shifts directly from your schedule on the Today page.

Look for the date you were scheduled to work (scheduled shifts are in yellow and are preceded by a calendar icon in the upper left). In the upper right, you'll see a Rate link -- click this to rate your shift.

Select if you enjoyed the shift or not

Click on the green “thumbs up” button if you enjoyed your shift. If you did not enjoy your shift, click on the red “thumbs down” button.

That's all there is to it! The rated shift will now show the icon for the rating you gave it:

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