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Pick up a transfer bid shift

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Transfer Bid Shifts are just like normal bid shifts, except they're shared across store locations. They must be enabled by management and scheduled by a manger in order to be available to pick up. When you pick up a transfer bid shift, you follow the normal rules for bid shifts and shift swaps as set by your management, who may require the pick up to be approved before you are responsible for working the shift.

Pick up a transfer bid shift

To pick up a Transfer Bid Shift, you follow the same steps as you normally would for picking up an available shift. Any shifts that you are eligible for will display on your Today Page and in your Available Shift Swaps.

If starting from the Today Page, simply PICK UP SHIFTS for the date you'd like to work.

Pick up a bid shift or shift swap

This will take you to your Available Shift Swaps page, where you can select the shift you'd like to pick up.

For Transfer Bid Shifts, you'll want to make sure you note the location of the shift, as it might be different from your usual/home location.

If manager approval is required, TimeForge will notify the store manager of your request. If the pick up is approved, you will be notified according to your Alert preferences, and TimeForge will assign the shift to you.

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