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As an employee using TimeForge, you can see work schedules that your management team has posted.  Schedules can be emailed to your email address, sent to your cell phone via text message, or you can log in to TimeForge at any time to review posted schedules.

Your Today Page

When you log into TimeForge, the first thing you will see is your Today page (which acts like your home page in TimeForge). Your Today page contains a ton of useful information regarding your upcoming schedule, all provided in an easy-to-read calendar format:

The legend above the calendar tells you what you're looking at. For example, attendance entries have a clock icon and are blue, while your posted shifts have a calendar icon and are in orange.

Time-off requests and availability are denoted by the team member icon and are color-coded based on the type of request (e.g. Wants to work, Does not want to work, Unavailable to work).

Your scheduled shifts

Your scheduled shifts will include important details, such as the hours scheduled (e.g. 9AM-5PM), what department (e.g. Customer Support), and for what position and location (e.g. Customer Service rep for the Manhattan Main Office), as in the example below:

Shift swaps, ratings, and confirmations

Using your calendar, you can also perform a number of work and shift related actions:

  • Give Up a shift, allowing other staff members to pick up and work your assigned shifts.
  • Pick Up a shift, if another staff member or coworker has given up a shift that you would like to work.
  • Rate a shift after it has been worked, providing feedback to managers about the shift - simply mark the shift up or down. (Shift ratings must be enabled for your location. In enabled, a Rate link will appear next to your worked shifts.)
  • Confirm a shift, indicating that you intend to be at work for this shift.

You are responsible for all scheduled work shifts unless otherwise notified by TimeForge or your management team. You are responsible for all shifts that have been given up, until notified that another employee has successfully picked up the shift.

TimeForge uses data collected from Ratings, Shift Confirmations, and Shift Swaps in an attempt to build future work schedules that are better suited to your needs.

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