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What kinds of security features does TimeForge offer?

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Tons! TimeForge is incredibly secure!

We're living in the information age, which means it’s becoming more and more necessary to use the internet to store and track important information. TimeForge is aware of the risks you’re taking by storing your information in an online database and has made the system incredibly secure so that you can rest easy.

Read on to learn more about TimeForge's security features or check out our official Security policy here.

Database and Data Centers

  • The TimeForge data center is in Dallas, TX, with backups all over the world.
  • The data center provides driver’s license verification, photo ID checks, 24/7 video surveillance, a man trap when entering and exiting the building, and is SOC-1 compliant.
  • Database backups and key infrastructure software pieces are stored in offsite data centers.
  • The database is backed up every day and those backups are stored for 45 days at a time in both data centers.
  • There is no limit on data storage.
  • All personally identifiable information (PII) data are stored encrypted.
  • Access to the database is only available to key personnel, and all access is logged.
  • The network infrastructure has four backups and three generators.

Software Security

  • TimeForge software is protected by multiple firewalls, including software and hardware firewalls.
  • TimeForge uses website monitoring systems to protect against malware, blacklisting, server scanning, and viruses.
  • All changes to the software are stored in a “change log”.
  • Every connection to or from TimeForge is SSL encrypted or protected using TLS 1.2.

Customer Protection

  • Security within an account can be set up for different users and/or roles, restricting access to features like unassigned locations, pay rates, etc.
  • In order to reset a password or give someone access to an account, TimeForge requires identification information to be verified.
  • Customers can view information about changes made in their account in the Audit Log feature of TimeForge Daily Log.
  • No customer data is ever shared without your permission.
  • TimeForge data is retained indefinitely - your important information won’t be deleted!
  • The TimeForge web software doesn’t require any installation.
  • Upgrades happen late at night or early in the morning, and the downtime usually lasts about 1 minute, if at all.

TimeForge understands how scary it can be to put all of your important personal and business information into a system without being sure who will be able to view it, or how safe it may be from viruses or deletion. Don’t worry - your data are safe with us!

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