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Send a message to all employees at a location

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By default, TimeForge allows both Managers and Supervisors to send messages to employees. (Though, this setting can be customized for Supervisors on per-location basis.) This article will teach you how to send a message to all employees at a given location, which can be handy for sending out reminders, announcing upcoming events or requirements, or providing important alerts about the store.

You can also view and send messages at any time by opening the Schedules tab and selecting Messages from the sub-menu.

While at the Location level, open the Employees tab and select Employees from the sub-menu.

Enter your message

Enter your message into the text box. You can also customize the recipient list at this time, if you do not want to send the message to literally all of your staff members. Simply click on one of the available options (e.g. "Send a Message to scheduled staff").

Other options include the ability to attach a document to the message, post the message to the Staff Log, and send the message as a text message to employees who can receive them (requires the message to be 140 characters or less).

Click the Send button to send your message

When you're satisfied with your message, click the Send a Message button to send it to your employees!

You'll then be taken to your Messages page under the Schedules tab, where you can review the message in your Sent Messages list or send another one.

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