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TimeForge makes managers' lives easier by providing simple solutions to the difficult aspects of labor management. For employees, this also means painless access to work schedules, time cards, and other great features.

TimeForge is easy to use, and whether you're a manager or an employee, logging into your account only takes a couple clicks!

Point your browser to https://timeforge.com

To log in on the web, point your favorite browser to https://timeforge.com.

Click "Log into TimeForge"

In the upper right, you'll see a link that reads, "Log into TimeForge." Click this link to be taken to the TimeForge login page.

Enter your username and password, then hit enter

Enter your TimeForge Username and Password, then either click the Log In button or simply press enter on your keyboard. It's as easy as 1-2-3.

Bookmark the login page for easy access later!

Enjoy how easy TimeForge makes labor management!

That's it! You're now in TimeForge. If you're a manager, you can begin creating schedules or tracking attendance, or doing whatever else you need to do to ensure your company operates efficiently.

Having trouble logging in?

No problem! If you're an employee, your username is most likely your email address, but your manager may have set you up with a custom username. If you're not sure, check with your manager first.

  • If your manager gave you a custom username, they should have also given you a password.
  • Otherwise, you should have received an email from TimeForge with a link to set up your password.

If you need help, contact your manager or reach out to our friendly Support Team.

If you've already set up a secret question and answer, you can reset your own password anytime.

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