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Set a user's security level to Employee, Supervisor, or Manager

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TimeForge has 3 different security levels that determine what each staff member can do within the TimeForge labor management system.

Manager - A TimeForge Manager is able to do anything inside of the TimeForge system, including adding staff members, adding/editing employee schedules, changing sales forecasts, modifying the daily log, and running payroll reports.

Supervisor - A TimeForge Supervisor is intermediate between a TimeForge Employee and a TimeForge Manager. Using security templates, Supervisor permissions can be customized on a location-by-location basis to best fit your business's needs. By default, supervisors are able to perform every TimeForge function that a TimeForge Manager can. However, Supervisors cannot view the pay rates or salaries of other Supervisors or of any Manager.

Employee - A TimeForge Employee is the base security level for all staff members inside the TimeForge system. Employees can clock in and out and view their time card (if enabled), view their own schedule, request time off, change availability, swap shifts, and set up text messaging and email notifications.

An employee's security level can be changed from his or her employee profile. This article will teach you how.

Navigate to the Employee's profile

Navigate to your employee list and select an employee. This will open up the employee's profile (see example below), which includes information about their positions, departments, demographic characteristics, and more.

Scroll down to the page to the Employee Type section

Select a security level from the dropdown list

Click the Save button to save your changes

If you select "Manager" from the list, you can also choose whether to give the employee access to the Corporate level. Leave the box unchecked to restrict the manager's access to their assigned location.

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