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Why can't I see other Departments?

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In TimeForge, you won't be able to see other departments unless you are associated with them. To be able to see a department, you must be assigned to that department (you can manage a department without working in the department).

Example and solution

For example, if you are a “Craft Manager” (position) in “Crafts” (department), and all “Craft Managers” are assigned to the “Crafts” department, then you will be able to see what's going on in the "Crafts" department but not what’s going on in the “Produce” department unless all "Craft Managers," or just you specifically, are also assigned to “Produce.”

If you don’t want to assign ALL employees in a particular position to a particular department, you can add employees individually. So, if you only want a specific “Craft Manager” to work in “Produce,” you can assign just one employee without assigning all the other “Craft Managers” to “Produce."

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