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Why do my employees see Re-confirm?

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TimeForge gives employers the option to have employees confirm their shifts. This allows employers to get a quick visual of which employees are aware of a shift. It can also help ensure that your employee schedule and your actual attendance will be as close as possible. Even though most employees are trustworthy and loyal, occasionally someone may claim ignorance about a given schedule. The "confirm shift" feature gives the employer the chance to prove knowledge about a shift.

Furthermore, an employer can have employees confirm their shift a few days out, and then re-confirm the shift on the actual day it occurs. This is useful for many businesses that have employees out on location such as a catering company.  

Go to the Settings page under the Set Up tab

While at the Location level, open the Set Up tab and select Settings.

Scroll down

Scroll down the page and look for the setting that reads: Do you want to enable staff members to confirm the shift multiple times?

You can also press CTRL-F on your keyboard to bring up your browser's "find" box. Then, enter in the word "confirm" to search the page for the confirmation settings.

Change the confirm shift option

Employees will be prompted to re-confirm their shifts if the option to confirm multiple times is set to yes.

Set this option to "No" if you don't want your employees to have to re-confirm their shifts.

Click Save to save any changes

If you make any changes, be sure to scroll down and click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

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