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Define menu items for Sales Forecasting with Dinerware POS

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TimeForge integration with Dinerware makes labor management easier for your business by streamlining the functionality of Dinerware and scheduling. Installing TimeForge to work with Dinerware is easy and involves installing the TimeForge Dinerware Bridge software on your main computer system.

When building schedules, it is often useful to forecast sales at your store or to ensure that sales and labor have an acceptable ratio. TimeForge automatically pulls sales data from your Dinerware POS system, synchronizes this data to TimeForge, and allows you to build fast and simple schedules.

You can forecast sales by gross sales, individual menu items, or groups of menu items (such as entrées or desserts).

Define menu items for sales forecasting

In the TimeForge Translator, access the "Sales" menu to set up menu items and menu item groups for Sales Forecasting within TimeForge. This will allow you to benchmark and schedule labor in comparison to your desired labor needs.

Define menu items for sales forecasting.

Choose up to 10 menu items from your menu

TimeForge allows up to 10 menu Items from your Dinerware menu to be chosen for Sales Forecasting. Details for the sales of these 10 menu items are copied from Dinerware to your TimeForge labor management system and will allow you to accurately compare sales against schedules and actual attendance.

Click "Save" once you've finished selecting menu items for sales forecasting.

Choose up to 10 menu items from your menu.

Use Menu Item Groups to combine sales from multiple menu items

Menu Item Groups allow you to easily and quickly combine sales from multiple menu items in your Dinerware menu into a single Sales Forecast.

For example, you may want to build schedules based on entrées, drinks, or some other combination of menu items. These can be set up as Menu Item Groups and then compared to your employee schedule or attendance later.

Click "Add" to create a new Menu Item Group, or click "Edit" to edit the properties of an existing Menu Item Group.

Use Menu Item Groups to combine sales from multiple menu items.

Create or modify a menu item group

Enter a descriptive name and choose the necessary menu items from your Dinerware database. Choose "Save" when you are finished. TimeForge will automatically synchronize your sales data the next time it connects to the TimeForge server!

Create or modify a menu item group.
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