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Add employees to TimeForge with Dinerware POS

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After installation, the TimeForge Dinerware Bridge copies the data from your Dinerware POS to your TimeForge account. This can ensure that you get the most out of not only Dinerware and scheduling but all your labor management needs. In most cases, the data is automatically copied over, but there are a few rules to follow that can ensure TimeForge and Dinerware work seamlessly together.

One key point is adding employees. To do this, you'll simply need to enter your employee into the Dinerware system and then sync to TimeForge. That way, you don't have to waste time entering duplicate information.

Add your employees to Dinerware

Add your users to the Dinerware POS software. Some of the key fields include:

  1. Active/Inactive. The employee must be active in Dinerware to appear in TimeForge. If an employee is made inactive, TimeForge will assume they are terminated and will remove them from your employee list (they can later be re-activated).
  2. SSN/Tax ID. The SSN / Tax ID is not required, but if provided, it must be unique to employees within your company. For example, two employees cannot share the same social security number.
  3. Name. Each Dinerware employee must have a unique first and last name. For example, only one employee can be named "John Smith."
Add an employee to Dinerware.

Enter an email address and phone number

Additionally, you need to enter:

  1. Email address. The staff member must have an email address. TimeForge will automatically send the employee an email address to allow them to set up a username and password to log in to TimeForge. Email addresses must be unique to each staff member, i.e. employees cannot share email addresses.
  2. Phone number. To receive cell phone and text message alerts about upcoming schedules, enter the staff member's cell phone number in the "phone" field.
Enter an email address and phone number.

Select a job

TimeForge requires that each staff member work at least one job, or position.

Select a job.

Sync the TimeForge connector

TimeForge regularly syncs with Dinerware to ensure that the data is current and accurate.

After adding your staff members, you can manually synchronize the system by right-clicking on the connector icon and clicking "Synchronize Now." Alterntively, you can wait for TimeForge to automatically sync later.

Once synced, TimeForge will add staff members to the appropriate departments and locations if you are using TimeForge at multiple locations or with department-level scheduling.

Sync the TimeForge connector.
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