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Set up a web service username and password

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TimeForge uses web services to communicate with other 3rd party applications. Web services are like a modern CSV (Excel) file, and they allow TimeForge to communicate with other applications, such as Point of Sale systems, accounting products (such as Quickbooks), and hardware TimeClocks.

To ensure that no one else can modify your data by using the TimeForge web services, you will need to create a Web Service username and password.  We've made sure that this is easy to do, so you can quickly use the power of TimeForge with your 3rd party application.

Switch to the Corporate level in TimeForge

If you are at the location level, click the "Go to Corporation Settings" button in the upper right corner of your browser window.

Hover over the Locations tab, then select Locations from the dropdown menu

Edit the appropriate location

Click the "Edit" link on the right of the location for which you would like to create a web service login.

Enable TimeForge Integration

Scroll down the settings page. Near the bottom, where it says "Would you like to enable TimeForge integration with another program?" select Yes.

Select a Web Services login

Several more options will appear on the screen when you select Yes (shown below). By default, TimeForge permissions are controlled by the Connector/Translator or other 3rd party software.

Choose an appropriate username and password for the web service. This is specific to your location / store and won't be needed again.  We recommend that you choose the longest username and password possible.

Note that TimeForge will automatically send an email to managers if it cannot synchronize. This heartbeat functionality will ensure that TimeForge and 3rd party applications are running properly at your business. In many cases, the default sync and configuration settings (shown above) may be used.

Not sure about some of the settings and whether they will work with your integration? No problem! Our support team is here to help.

When done, click the Save button

Click the Save button at the bottom of the page after configuring the web service username and password.

Use your new web service username and password

To use the your new web service username and password, open up the Connector or Translator you're trying to configure (e.g. the TimeForge Aloha POS Bridge) and enter in your existing web service account information.

Enter your Web Service username and password
Finish the Web Service username and password Setup.

Click "Save Settings" and...

That's it ... you are done!

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