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TimeForge Attendance with Dinerware POS

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TimeForge is capable of integrating and communicating with many of the leading Point of Sale systems to reduce the time you spend entering data. Dinerware is a focused and easy-to-use Point of Sale system with dealers all over the world.

Integrating TimeForge with Dinerware will ensure that you get the most out of Dinerware and scheduling, and is also great for tracking employee attendance. The first step toward using these features is to install the TimeForge Dinerware Bridge software on your main computer system.

The TimeForge Dinerware Bridge software will read and write to your Dinerware system as necessary, and can enforce your TimeForge schedules, thereby preventing employees from riding the clock.

In some cases, you may want to use TimeForge Attendance exclusively as a way to track time and attendance at your business. To do this, you can turn off the synchronization of time punch entries from the POS system and use the full power of the TimeForge Attendance system instead, including our fingerprint scanner (to stop buddy punching), and our comprehensive meal and staff break system.

Ensure both the TimeForge Connector and Translator are running

You should see icons similar to those shown below. These icons will appear on the Windows task bar, which is the bar that normally runs along the bottom of the computer and contains the "Start" menu (on the left) and clock (on the right).

The TimeForge Dinerware Bridge is running when both of these icons are displayed. Contact us if these icons don't appear and your system isn't working properly.

Ensure both the Connector and Translator are running.

Disable the Dinerware time punch synchronization

Click the connector icon to load the connector settings.

  1. In the TimeForge Translator, make sure that the check box next to "Allow clock in and clock out, regardless of schedule settings" is selected. This will allow your users to clock in and out of Dinerware as necessary, which is important for choosing cash drawers and meal coursing, as well as check printing.
  2. In the TimeForge Translator, make sure that the check box next to "Use Dinerware Time Punches for TimeForge Attendance" is NOT selected.  This option turns off the synchronization of the Dinerware time punches, and instead allows you to use TimeForge Attendance for tracking time.

Click "Save Settings" once you're finished.

Disable the Dinerware time punch synchronization.

Synchronize the TimeForge Connector

To use the software immediately, you will need to force a synchronization so that both softwares know there was a change. Right-click on the connector and choose "Synchronize Now" to immediately sync Dinerware with TimeForge.

Synchronize the TimeForge Connector.

Require employees to clock in and clock out at work

TimeForge Attendance is very flexible and can allow your employees to clock in from their cell phones, Facebook, or any Internet-enabled computer. However, most businesses will prefer to have staff clock in from restricted computers, such as those provided at their work location. This option can be found by hovering over "Attendance" and selecting "Attendance Options" in TimeForge.

You can also lock down attendance tracking by limiting clock-ins and clock-outs to specific IP's. To do so, simply click on the button displayed below, which will add the computer you're currently using to the list of allowed IPs.

Require employees to clock in and clock out at work.

Allow employees to clock in and out

Employees can now log in to TimeForge using their username (usually their email address) and password.  Alternatively, if the location is using a compatible fingerprint scanner, staff members can use their fingerprints to log in to TimeForge.

After logging in, they will see a clock in / clock out box on the right-hand side of their screen.

Clocking in and out is now point-and-click easy!

Allow Employees to Clock In and Clock Out
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