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Set up and receive email alerts


With its many communication features, TimeForge offers the ability to receive text message or email alerts for a variety of scenarios. You can have TimeForge notify you about things like when an employee clocks in early, before an employee reaches overtime, or when an employee schedule has been posted. You could even have any of your reports emailed to you at a certain time.

Navigate to your Profile page

To get to your profile, click the dropdown menu in the upper right corner and select My Profile.

Select the Alerts tab

Make your selections

Check all of the boxes in the "email" column for which you'd like to receive an alert. Scroll down to see more notification options.

Alerts let you set a notification either by email or SMS whenever the selected event happens. These can vary from someone clocking in late or taking too long of a break to when requests are put into the system.

Click the Save My Settings button at the bottom of the page

After you customize all of your settings, make sure you click Save My Settings so that your changes will take effect.

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