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Create and modify Age Rules

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TimeForge Age Rules enable your business to adhere to company, state, or federal mandates regarding minors and seniors in the workforce. For example, if employees under age 16 are restricted from working more than 20 hours per week, TimeForge can help you set up and enforce this restriction on the Age Rules page.

Here's how you can set up age rules for your employees.

Navigate to the Age Rules page under the Employees tab

While at the Location level, open the Employees tab and select Age Rules from the submenu.

Add or edit an Age Rule

Age Rules can be applied to an entire location or can be applied to individual employees.

Age Rules that will be applied all employees at a location, based on age range

Age range-based rules are located at the top of the page. Click the + Add Age Rule button to create a new rule or click on a card to edit an existing rule. (If you're in list view, you'll see an Edit link instead.)

In the example below, we've set an age range of 18-70 years and have specified minimum and maximum hours that may be worked by employees that fit this rule. We've also set the maximum number of shifts that may be worked in a week.

Don't forget to hit the Save button to save your changes!

Age Rules that can be applied on a case-by-case to individual employees

Age Rules that you will apply to individual employees are under the Age Rules for Individual section.

Click the + Add Age Rule button to create a new rule or click on the Edit link to edit an existing rule. (If you're in grid view, you can just click on the card, as in the example above.)

Below is an example of a custom Age Rule that can be applied to one or more individual staff members. Notice that the Name field is the name of the rule, not the name of a staff member. This is because a single age rule like this one can be applied to as many or as few employees as needed!

To apply an age rule to an employee, open up their profile and select an Age Rule from the dropdown menu:

Don't forget to save your changes at each step of the way!

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