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Applicant Tracking and Onboarding Overview

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TimeForge offers a suite of features to seamlessly track and review applicants, hire them, and then onboard them as new employees. This guide provides an overview of these features and how to get started.


TimeForge's built-in Applicant Tracking and Onboarding System (ATOS) can easily accommodate and help streamline your business's current processes for reviewing job applicants and onboarding new hires.

For example, you might have a hiring process that looks something like this:


Each of these steps (reviewing the applicant's resume, conducting the interview, sending an offer letter, etc.) can be customized and tracked in TimeForge. As the applicant progresses through the process, you can then mark each step as complete. One, two, three, done.


When it comes time to hire an applicant, you can do so easily from their application page in TimeForge. TimeForge will remove the new hire from the applicant list and set them up as an active employee in the system for you, using the information that was recorded in the application. No need to copy anything over into a separate profile!


HR can then assign onboarding documents to the employee through TimeForge and track which forms have been completed and when. Onboarding documents can be anything from direct deposit authorizations to employee handbooks to online forms. You can even use this system to renew employee certifications and enforce annual employee training!

TimeForge will supply you with any federal or state tax forms to help you keep your business compliant. Just reach out to our Customer Support team and let us know what you need!

We can also help set you up with online Orbeon forms so that you can collect information and signatures from your employees without having to deal with PDF or paper documents.

Getting ready

Ready to get started? To get the most out of TimeForge's Applicant Tracking and Onboarding system, you'll want to complete the following steps:

  1. Create Applicant Tracking Steps for one or more positions in TimeForge (e.g. receive resume, interview applicant, send offer letter). It's super simple.
  2. Create some Human Resource Types for your business. These are types of documents that can be attached to an application or onboarding packet.
  3. Create HR Activity Templates (optional, but recommended!). Templates allow you to send multiple documents at once to your entire company, an entire location, a group of employees at a location, or even a single employee. They can greatly streamline your onboarding process.
  4. Create Job Postings for your positions to define the expectations of the job, when the job will become available, who is making the request, and more.

Once you have the above in place, you can advertise your job openings and start reviewing and tracking applicants. When you're ready to hire, you can seamlessly convert applicants into employees in TimeForge and begin onboarding them immediately, using the activity templates you created.

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