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Set up pay periods

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TimeForge will allow you to manage your labor, employee schedules, and time and attendance in the way that works best for your business. If you want to manage different departments differently, TimeForge will let you.

However, to ease the administration of staff schedules, payroll exports, and labor statistics, TimeForge supports the concept of pay periods. Each location, store, or unit can have a specific pay period. Payroll periods can be:

 - Weekly, where staff are paid every week

 - Bi-Weekly, where staff are paid every other week (common in many hospitality and restaurant businesses)

 - Monthly, where staff are paid on a specific date (common in many professional and teaching businesses)

 - On the 1st and 15th, where there are always two pay periods in a single month

After setting up pay periods, you will be able to quickly and easily export payroll, approve sick, vacation, and PTO time, and run reports that correspond to your pay periods.

Here are the simple steps to set up payroll periods in your account.

Navigate to the "Attendance Options" page.
  • Log in
  • Hover over the "Attendance" tab
  • Click on "Attendance Options"

Scroll down to the "Pay Periods" options.

Scroll down to the "Pay Periods" options.

These options are about half-way down the page.

Set up your pay periods.

Set up your pay periods.

Make sure to set up:

 - The previous payroll period date

 - The payroll frequency (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or 1st and 15th pay periods)

Save the Pay Periods

Save the Pay Periods

After choosing the correct settings for your Payroll Periods, make sure to save your settings.

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