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Record tips and mileage

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TimeForge is a complete labor management package, and one powerful feature is the ability to track time and attendance for staff members. TimeForge can track hourly or salaried employees, and can also track information about each shift worked.

In many businesses, employees need to record tips and mileage on a per-shift basis. Tip tracking allows management to accurately report the income that individual staff members are earning, and mileage reporting allows staff members to receive mileage reimbursements for their vehicles.

Go to the "Attendance Options" page.

  • Log in
  • Click on the "Attendance" tab
  • Click on "Attendance Options"

Scroll down.

The options to have employees report tips and mileage are located near the bottom of the page.

Configure the options to report tips and mileage.

The first option highlighted in orange controls whether or not employees are required to report tips. Set this to "Yes" to require tips to be reported.

The second option highlighted in orange option in TimeForge controls whether staff members are required to enter mileage. Set this to "Yes" to require staff members to record driving mileage.

Choose positions for tips and mileage.

After you change these options to "Yes," the above positions checkbox will appear.

In most businesses, only a few staff members collect tips or need to record driving mileage for reimbursement. In hospitality-related businesses, these are commonly delivery drivers, caterers, or employees who are shopping for the business, in addition to the servers and bartenders who collect tips.

Choose which positions will be required to record mileage.

Employees are prompted during clock out.

TimeForge will prompt employees when they clock out for their declared tips, start and ending mileage, and any necessary notes for the shift.

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