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View sales percentages and values simultaneously

Updated Aug 26, 2020

You can see see sales percentages and values side by side that display the raw projections, forecasts, or actual sales on the schedule.

Login to TimeForge

Go to app.TimeForge.com and login to your account.

Go to Sales Categories

Go to Sales Categories

On the Dashboard, find the Sales tab and click on Sales Categories.

Sales Category

Select a Sales Category that you want to see on the schedule and click edit. If you don't have a Sales Category, you can click Add to create one.

Select Option to View Sales Values

Select Option to View Sales Values

When you are in the setting for a Sales Category, find Show Sales Value on Schedule and select Yes.

Go to the schedules page

Go to a Schedule

Now find a schedule of your choice. To get to schedules, find the Schedules tab and click on Schedules. Make sure you are in Weekly View.

View It

View It

When you see the schedule. This is what the Sales % and Values will look like side by side.

Note: you can only view your sales on the week schedule view.

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