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View your daily labor cost

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Analyzing your daily labor costs, or how much employee wages cost each day, is important for understanding your business operations, noticing any room for improvement, and preventing over- or under-staffing in the future.

In TimeForge, there are two easy ways to view the daily labor cost, and both involve the Schedules page. Here are instructions for both methods of accessing your daily labor costs.

Go to your Schedules page

Open the Schedules tab and select Schedules from the menu.

Select a schedule

Go to the Daily View by clicking on the Daily View link in the upper right.

Check the daily labor cost

Under the schedule information, you should see a link to Today's Labor Cost. In this example, we can see that we have 54 hours scheduled and a cost of $465.

To view a breakdown of cost by position, click the link.

A pie graph will appear, showing daily labor cost by position.

Select the Weekly View

Another way to view costs is from the Weekly View page. First, go to the Weekly View.

Select the Cost radio button (circle)

Next, select the Cost button at the top of the schedule to show the cost for each day of the week.

View the daily labor costs

You'll notice two things when you select Cost. First, the shift times/hours will be replaced with employee cost:

Second, at the bottom of the page, you will see the total costs per day of all shifts, including a Weekly Total at the end of the row:

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