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Add, edit, or delete departments

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TimeForge enables you to set up multiple departments in the TimeForge system to represent the departments in your store or business. When editing a department, you can select which position(s) and employees will be associated with that department, as well as set some configuration settings, such as whether the department is a sub-department.

Here's how you can add and edit departments to match the needs of your business:

Navigate to the Departments page under the Set Up tab

Add a department

If you have multiple locations, you'll need to add a new department at the Corporate level.

Click the + Add Department button

Fill out the Department form

Choose a name, a parent department if this is a sub-department, and whether you want to schedule and track attendance for this department.

For example, if your business is a grocery store, you might have departments such as Produce, Dairy, Bakery, and Deli. Restaurants might have Front of House and Back of House departments. A hospitality business might have Housekeeping, Kitchen, and Front Office.

For this guide, we'll create a department called Kitchen.

Click the Positions tab

Choose which Positions should be in this Department

Check the box next to each position you would like to appear in this department. Hovering over the [?] will tell you what other departments the position is already assigned to.

For the new Kitchen department we just created, we'll add the position Cook, which hasn't been assigned to any other departments yet:

Click the Employees tab

Employees must be assigned to a position that is in a department in order to be scheduled for that department.

Choose which employees you want to assign to this Department

Check the box to the left of the employee you want to assign to this department.

Click Save to complete the Department setup!

The fourth tab, SPLH, allows Managers to run Sales projections and build shifts based on projected sales. To learn more about how to add SPLH calculations to your departments, contact our Support team!

Edit a department

While in grid view, click anywhere on the Department you'd like to edit. (If you're in tabular/list view, you'll see an Edit link.)

Delete a department

While in grid view, to delete a department you've already created, click the red X button on the card. (In tabular/list view, you'll see a red Delete link.)

You will see warnings about any past, current, and future schedules and schedule templates that will be affected. Deleting a department cannot be undone, so you should make sure your employees are properly reassigned before deleting!

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