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Add a report to your favorites list

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TimeForge offers a variety of reports in each of the scheduling, attendance, and sales modules. No matter what you're looking for, TimeForge has a report that will tell you the information you need to know.

In addition to choosing a favorite report, you can also set up reports to be automatically emailed to any address at a specific time and frequency.  

Go to the appropriate Reports page

Open the Schedules, Attendance, or Sales tab and select Reports.

Go to the appropriate "Reports" page.

Select a report

If you already have favorite reports, they'll appear in the dropdown menu next to Favorite Reports. To add a new one, click on any card to open up that particular report.

For this example, we'll add 'Attendance Breaks by Employee' as a favorite.

Click 'Add as a Favorite Report'

Near the top of the page, above the report options, you'll see a link to Add as a Favorite Report. Simply click this link to add this report to your list of favorites.

Once you add a report to your favorites, you can use the same process above to remove it.

Now when you return to your Attendance reports, you'll see the report added to your favorites list and can select it in the dropdown menu.

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