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Create an employee attendance report

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TimeForge is an extensive and powerful employee scheduling and attendance tracking management package, and you can begin to see some of the power by clicking on the Attendance tab. Many, but not all, of the attendance and time card capabilities occur within the Attendance tab.

With TimeForge, you can add or edit attendance by date or employee, approve payroll for pay periods, export time punches to a third-party payroll company, and view (and save) any type of attendance report to review employee time punches.

Additionally, TimeForge has many labor management reports that can display things like sales, approved payroll, time card punches, and many other labor metrics that are important for successfully managing a work force.

Keep reading to learn how to quickly and easily create an employee attendance report.

Go to the Attendance Reports page

Open the Attendance tab and select Reports from the menu.

Select a report to run

TimeForge contains dozens of time card and staff member attendance reports, including PTO, sick, and vacation reports, reports detailing employee time sheets, payroll summary reports, and actual vs. scheduled time reports. Many TimeForge users like the "Attendance Summary Report, sorted by Position, with Costs" report because it offers a lot of valuable information all in one report.

Reports are ordered alphabetically, but you can narrow down the list by entering keywords in the search box at the top of the page.

For this example, we'll run the Attendance Summary Report, sorted by Position, with Costs.

Configure the report

  1. You can run staff member attendance reports either by choosing your specific date range or, choose from a drop down box containing various predefined date ranges. Once you select a date range or period, departments may become available for selection.
  2. Next, check the departments you wish to run the report for. You can run a report for multiple departments.
  3. Choose how you would like to view the report, whether as a PDF or Excel spreadsheet.
  4. Choose whether the report needs to include attendance for all staff members. If you only want to run the report for one or just a few employees, uncheck the "All Staff Members" box and select the appropriate employees to include in the report

Configure any other settings as best suits your needs.

Run the report

When you're satisfied with the configuration, click the Run Report button at the bottom of the screen. What happens next will depend on your browser configurations.

If you selected to view as a PDF, the report will likely display on screen, and you can use your browser's built-in options to download and/or print.

If you selected to view as an Excel spreadsheet, the file will either automatically download, or you will be presented with options to open/save (shown below). Selecting Save File will ensure you save a copy to your computer.

This particular report will generate columns for Employee Name (grouped by Position), Total Hours, and Cost, with totals for each position. For example:

Learn how to schedule any report to be emailed or save it to your favorites list for quick access!

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