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Enable Close/Open Exceptions and Penalties

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States like California, Oregon and Washington require employers to give employees a break between shifts. If your state follows "right to rest" laws, also known as clopening laws, TimeForge has settings in place to help you stay compliant. This guide explains how you can enable close/open exceptions and penalties in your attendance options, as well as how to view attendance entries with close/open exceptions.  

  1. Click the Attendance tab to open the attendance menu.
  2. Select Attendance Options.
  3. Scroll to down the page until you reach the Close/Open flag.

Enable Close/Open exception tracking (and penalties, if desired)

  1. Toggle the Close/Open flag, so that the button reads Yes. This will enable TimeForge to track open/close exceptions.
  2. Set the threshold for how many hours must pass between the end of an employee's shift and the start of a new shift. Typically, this number is defined by the laws for your city or state. Anything less than this number will be flagged as an exception by the system.
  3. If your city or state requires you to pay employees for any time worked within the open/close hours threshold, set the Close/Open Penalty flag to Yes. This will enable TimeForge to apply compensation toward employee timecards.
  4. Enter in a cost multiplier for any time worked within the close/open threshold.
  5. Save your settings.

If you have multiple departments, select the "Continue without copying" button when you save your settings.

View attendance entries with close/open exceptions

You can view attendance entries with close/open exceptions from your Manage Attendance page.

Once you navigate to the Manage Attendance page, you can filter out your attendance entries by clicking on drop down menu located on the top right corner of the screen. Finally, you can select the Close/Open Exception option to pull up any attendance entries which began within the close/open hours threshold.

You can also find attendance entries with close/open exceptions from a specific time range by running the Attendance Exceptions CSV report.

To run this report, you'll need to click on Reports under the Reporting tab and search for "Attendance Exceptions" in the page's search bar.

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