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Prevent clock-ins from home or with a cell phone

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TimeForge Attendance is a powerful time tracking tool for retail, restaurant, and other service businesses. With this tool, you can view your clocked-in employees, view employee attendance reports, approve/export payroll, and much more!

By default, employees can clock-in from anywhere that has an Internet connection, and this includes work, home, or their mobile Internet on a cell phone. In some circumstances, this is the correct and desired set up. However, for many businesses in the retail and food service industries, it is not desirable to allow staff to clock-in anywhere.

To support these businesses, TimeForge includes the ability to restrict employee clock-in and clock-out functionality to specific IP addresses, or physical locations.

  • Log in
  • Click on the "Attendance" tab
  • Click on "Attendance Options"

Scroll down.

Designate where an employee can clock-in.

You can specify where staff clocks-in by adding one or more IP addresses that employees must be at to punch in for the day. To add an IP address for employees to clock in:

 - You can type your IP address into the text box next to the "Add this computer to allowed IPs" button. If there is more than one allowed IP address, they should be separated by either a space, comma, or on separate lines.

 - Instead of typing in the IP address, you can click on the Add this computer to allowed IPs button, and TimeForge will add your current IP address to the list of allowed IP addresses.

Note: Remember to click "Save Company Settings" at the bottom of the page when you're finished.

Designate where an employee can clock-in.
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