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Create an Activity Template to quickly load documents into an HR Activity

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HR Templates can help you streamline your HR Activities by allowing you to re-use the same set of documents over and over again. For example, you could use a template to send your standard onboarding packet to a fresh group of hires each month, or to collect quarterly gym logs for your company's physical fitness reimbursement program. Whatever your needs, TimeForge is designed to work for you!

HR Templates can be created at either the Corporate or Location level in TimeForge and, like HR Activities, are specific to the level for which they were created.

There are two super easy ways to create an Activity Template: from the templates page or from an existing activity. This article will show you how to do both! Just click on a link below to get started.

From the templates page

Navigate to the HR Templates page under Human Resources

For this first tutorial, we'll create a template from scratch at the Location level, but the steps are essentially the same for the Corporate level.

Click on New HR Activity Template

Fill out the Activity Template form

Enter a Description for your new template, then select which HR Documents it should use.

As with HR Activities, you can use the green up/down arrows to re-order the documents in the list. This could be useful if you want employees to complete each part of the activity in a particular order.

Click Save to save your new template

Your new Activity Template will now appear in the list and should be ready to use at this location!

From an existing HR Activity

For this tutorial, we'll create a template at the Corporate level, but the steps are essentially the same for the Location level.

Click on Make Template for an existing HR Activity

Existing templates will have a Make Template link. Click this link to copy the activity's documents into a new template.

Supply a name/description for your new template, then click Create

Your new template is now ready for use and can be found under the Activity Template page!

How do I use my new template?

Using your new Activity Template is simple! When creating a new HR Activity, simply select it from the list under Apply a Template, then click the Apply button.

The documents associated with that template will be added to your new activity!

As always, don't forget to save your changes!

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