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Set reports to use 24 hour time

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With TimeForge, you can easily set the default times on your reports to use 24 hour time format instead of AM/PM. Although you can set your default option, you can also switch back and forth between 24 hour and AM/PM for each report. Setting these option only takes a few clicks! Here's how.

Set your default for all reports

Go to your profile page

Open the personal menu in the upper right, then select My Profile.

Locate the settings under TimeForge Configuration

Toward the bottom of your profile, you'll see a section titled TimeForge Configuration.

Select to display times in report using 24-hour format

The section option is the one we want to adjust. Click the drop-down menu and select 24 hour as the format.

Change the time format for a single report

If you just want to adjust the setting for a single report, you can do this quite easily while configuring the report.

Go to the Reports page

Open the Schedules tab and select Reports.

Select the report you want to configure

For this example, we'll open up the 7-Day Schedule Break Down.

Choose the Hour Format

Beneath the schedules list, you'll see some options for formatting the report. The one we're looking for is the Hour Format. Setting this to 6.5 will force the report to use 24-hour format. Selecting 6:30 will cause the report to use 12-hour AM/PM format.

Click Run Report

To run the configured report using the selected Hour Format, click the Run Report button.


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