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In TimeForge, employee schedules are a collection of many shifts, and each shift is assigned a corresponding start and end time, position or job code, and an employee. Other information can be included with each shift, such as whether the shift is for an "extra" staff member, or the name or number of the section or station being worked by the employee (for more info on schedules, see our article on how to view employee schedules).

Shifts can easily be created for a specific day on the schedule or copied to other days on the schedule. Shifts can also be grouped together into days on the schedule, and then can be used to create a template for future schedules. Additionally, shifts can be reassigned to other employees, and are used by the TimeForge ShiftBuilder to estimate anticipated needs for schedules in the future.

From the Location level, open the Schedules tab and select Schedules from the sub-menu.

Select a schedule

Click the Edit button on an upcoming or past schedule to view its details.

Select a view: Monthly, Weekly, or Daily

By default, TimeForge will show you the Weekly View for that schedule (unless you change your default setting under your profile!), but you can also get a graphical representation of the staffing load for that day by selecting Daily View in the upper right corner.

On the left: list of shifts

On the left side of the page will be your list of shifts, with start and end times, employees, and their positions.

On the right: graphic representation

And on the right side will be the corresponding graph.

Edit as necessary - your changes will automatically save in real time!

Your changes will save in real time. To return to the Daily View when you're done, you can click the Finished! button at the bottom of the page.

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